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Talk therapy

What is Talk therapy?

Talk therapy sees you, the client, and the therapist meeting in a non-judgmental environment. You have the freedom to discuss your circumstances or matters you wish to talk about. If you believe that there is something preventing you from achieving your aims or you need help in resolving issues from your past, talk therapy can be an effective way to come to terms with and then resolve these matters. You will find that talk therapy is effective for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Relationship problems and issues
  • Emotions such as jealousy or anger
  • A lack of direction in life
  • A lack of confidence in your actions or ambitions
  • Pain – including emotional and physical pain

Whether you need assistance in coming to terms with the problems you face in life or you’re looking to create a path that helps you move forward, talking with a skilled professional can help. At All Clear Now, we utilise a variety of counselling skills, and these may be used to provide you with confidence and resolution.

Will it help me move forward?

Talk therapy can provide you with a path to move forward in life.
We are proud to serve the Newport & South Wales community and we offer talk therapy sessions in Newport and Cardiff. No matter the issue you face or what you want to achieve in life, talking about the manner with someone you don’t know and who is experienced in helping others can make a massive difference to your life.
At All Clear Now, all our talk therapy sessions are strictly confidential, allowing you to speak freely and without worrying about the matter being divulged elsewhere. During the discussion, you will never be told what to do, relevant matters will be discussed, and options may be considered but you will never be forced or ordered into actions that you are unsure of.
We view and respect each client as an individual. You will receive a tailored session that is relevant to your situation and aims. From the outset, it is impossible to state how many sessions a person can benefit from, but we will ensure you receive the best standard of support and guidance in your sessions. To learn more about talk therapy and how it can help you, please get in touch.