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R.E.B.T. page


Rational emotive behaviour therapy a.k.a. REBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy that was established by the popular psychologist Albert Ellis. The major focus of REBT is to help clients change irrational philosophies.

What is REBT?

Rational emotive behaviour therapy popularly known as REBT is a type of cognitive behaviour therapy and it has the dominating psychological treatment approaches from the 1950s. REBT holds the thought that human beliefs cause us to experience emotions like depression, anxiety and anger and not our lives events. According to Ellis humans mistakenly blame outward events for their sadness. He contended that it is the individual understanding of live events that truly lies at the heart of our emotional distress. Ellis came up with the ABCDE model to explain the process.


  • ACTIVATION EVENT: The happenings around you in your environment.
  • Beliefs: Humans lay hold on the belief concerning the event or situation.
  • Consequence: The individual persons have an emotional response to their belief.
  • Disputations to challenge irrational beliefs: This is where the REBT comes in by disputing them those bad irrational beliefs
  • Effective new beliefs: replacing irrational beliefs with effectively new philosophies.


  • If the individuals can take to heart and accept that the core cause of emotional responses is their philosophies about an event instead of the event itself. i.e, we don’t just become troubled from an event. We upset ourselves because of our unreasonable beliefs.
  • when people possess unreasonable philosophies, and they do not deal with them right there and then, it will continue to keep getting them upset.
  • Ellis said the major way to get better day in day out and stay better is via REBT. Ellis is of the option that humans should always dispute their irrational beliefs and embrace good once through hard work toward doing that.
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