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Mindfulness according to the English dictionary means the state or quality of being conscious or aware of something. It also means a mental state that is achieved by focussing on one’s awareness on the present moment, while at the same time calmly accepting and acknowledging one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations. The second described mental state is used by many hypnotherapist practitioners as a therapeutic technique.

Our participants will become more mindful of their actions and learn how to express and interpret their present environment. Improving mindfulness has many benefits. It is particularly beneficial for people who are absent minded or who lack the powers of concentration etc. Our hypnotherapy sessions provide benefits to our clients throughout their professional and personal lives. Improving mindfulness through gratitude, filtering, and active listening have given our participants the advantage of seeing things in a new light.

There are many concepts of mindfulness such as the Buddhist concept, psychological concept, bare attention and finally the memory concept. These are the major ones as some new techniques and methods are being tried now to improve or increase mindfulness. We at All Clear Now are using many tried and tested methods to improve mindfulness. Many of our clients residing in the U.K and from abroad (especially the E.U) who came to us for treatment have benefited by our hypnotherapy methods. We also are learning and understanding the new researches that are coming up in this field so that our future clients can benefit from our wonderful sessions and refer others to us for increasing mindfulness. There are mindfulness meditations also as well as attention, acceptance and scanning etc. Developing mental resilience other than focus is also one of our goals.