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Hypnotherapy can help with many symptoms. It can help rid you of anxieties, phobias and addictions. Plus lose weight Easily

While there is great awareness of hypnotherapy as a means of making changes in your life, not everyone is aware of how it can be used to deal with many issues or problems. At All Clear Now, we are proud to offer hypnotherapy services by a qualified and professional hypnotherapist that will make a difference, and if you’re looking to learn more about this support or how it can improve your life, please get in touch. If you are keen to know about the background of hypnotherapy and how it developed, it hails from Ancient Greece. The word Hypnos means sleep and the power of sleep was understood and greatly revered back then. In fact, the Greeks had sleep temples where people would visit to gain assistance in their life. Many of us would appreciate the opportunity to visit sleep temples and take a break from our hectic lives today but at All Clear Now, we believe the power of sleep and hypnotherapy can have a hugely positive impact on people lives.

Hypnotherapy is effective in a wide range of areas

A positive aspect of hypnotherapy is that it can help deal with so many issues or problems in everyday life. If you are struggling with an addiction, if you are concerned about weight loss or if you suffer from anxiety, hypnotherapy is a recognised form of treatment from a qualified hypnotherapist that helps you resolve these matters.

Hypnotherapy has also found to be instrumental in helping people deal with phobias and fears, pain management and in letting go of the past. While it is natural that hypnotherapy is cited to remove negative aspects in life, it can also be used to improve a person’s life. When you are confident and have a greater level of self-esteem, you will find that you can achieve more, that people see you in a more positive light and that it is possible to plan with confidence. Hypnotherapy can provide you with the platform that allow you to move forward with your life and at All Clear Now, we are with you every step of the way.

There is a hypnotherapy solution to suit you

There are different forms of hypnotherapy to consider and at All Clear Now we offer:

  • Positive suggestion hypnotherapy
  • Regression hypnotherapy
  • Past life regression

The range of hypnotherapy options available to choose from ensures that no matter your issue and your own thoughts on life, it is likely that there will be a hypnotherapy option that is right for you. We will always discuss your options with you fully ensuring we find the option that feels right for you and which is likely to be most effective in assisting you move forward. We aim to provide a bespoke and tailored service to all our clients across South Wales. Operating from Newport and Cardiff, we are pleased to have helped many people in the local area and we are always on hand to assist others. When we help one person, we also help their loved ones and the people around them. When you feel better or more optimistic about life, other people benefit too, which is why we believe our hypnotherapy sessions provide confidence and positive support to communities, not just one individual.