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In this article, I will be explaining in details what cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is, what is CBT used for etc.

What is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

It is a form of conversation treatment that put its single-mindedness on how people’s thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs greatly affect their behavior and feelings. However, cognitive behavioral therapy teaches skills needed to tackle various problems.

It makes use of cognitive therapy to examining what people are thinking and also uses behavioral therapy to examine things they do.

CBT believes the idea that people’s behavior will be greatly influenced by their thoughts and perceptions. E.g. if you feel distraught, it may change your perception of reality. So in this sense, CBT tends to pinpoint and recognize destructive thoughts, check maybe they are a precise representation of reality, but however, if they don’t in any way accurate, CBT make use of tactics to challenge and gain victory over them.

Who are those that can go for CBT?

People from all age groups can benefit from CBT because it is very much suitable for them. By that, I mean teenagers, youths, and grownups. Records have it that CBT can profit various situations in folks e.g. anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and many more.


In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the folks that need help will have to work with a psychotherapist in other to pinpoint and dare any harmful rational or thinking arrays and conduct that are causing the persons in question difficulties. What will happen after this is that the way these folks feel about situations will change and thereby enable them to change their conduct in the future.

Conditions that required CBT treatment

CBT is used to challenge a variety of difficulties and they include

1    depression

2    obsessive-compulsive disorder

3    anxiety

4    eating disorders, schizophrenia

5    post-traumatic stress disorder

Cognitive behavioral therapy holds in series, organized in clear meetings with the psychotherapist or with a self-help programme. And with emphases on immediate issues and gives hands-on remedies.

The treatment doesn’t take long, it’s stuck between an hour. Occasionally for handling the so-called everyday issues like anxiety, depression and it is obtainable on NHS. If what you are looking for is a working therapy that provides a remedy. It uses hands-on methods to attain their goals.

Sessions in CBT

The therapist can hold a one on one CBT sessions with individuals or with groups that their case is very much similar. An individual will meet a therapist between 5 to 20 weekly or monthly sessions, between 30 and 60 minutes.

There is what is called Exposure therapy session, this sometimes takes more time just to ensure that the anxiety level of the client reduced in the course of the session.

Where can CBT take place?

It can take place in the clients home if the person in question has agoraphobia or OCD that is connecting to specific fret of items in their home.

It can be held in the therapist`s clinic and outside and that is if the client has some fear there.