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There are many ways to release anxiety and or stress. As already explained anxiety is longer term and very damaging to both physical and mental health. So it’s very to release it so that one does not suffer from its damaging negative effects.

The best remedy is that stress doesn’t build up. For its release there are some general and helpful tips from us:
1) Get moving: Daily exercise releases feel-good chemicals in your brain.
2) Making exercise a daily habit can buffer you from negative reactions to stressful events.
3) Keep a journal: Writing down your best and worst of the day helps you sort through the obstacles and focus on what went right.
It’s normal to experience ups and downs on any given day but we should not let this psychological wound build up and damage our future.

As mentioned above not everyone can do the right de-stressing techniques at the proper time. Also at times the stress becomes so overwhelming that it can’t be handled alone, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. Therefore, we ask you to book your service by filling up the form given alongside so we can help you. We at All Clear Now have some time tested and professional anxiety release techniques which we will impart to those who come for our counselling and therapy sessions.